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Zest Global Value focuses on investments opportunities mainly on Equity and Bonds Markets by assuming strategic and tactical positions. Portfolio allocation is based on a Top-down approach with significant attention to undervalued Equity Markets Indexes. Macro analysis aims to identify Economy’s main trends; while its flexible fund management aims to reduce fund volatility and to achieve a performance with a maximum de-correlation through a dynamic management of market exposure. Global Value aims to achieve returns superior to the average overnight reference rate for which European banks lend to one another in euros.

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Current NAV  
Base currency EUR
Trading and Valuation Daily
Initial investment 2.500,00 EUR
Subsequent investments 1.000,00 EUR
ISIN Code  
Bloomberg Ticker ZESTABR LX
Strategy Global Asset Allocation
Management Fees 1.60 %
Performance Fee 10%
THE FUND : Zest Global Value Fund is a flexible fund, set up according to UCITS V rules, which applies a global investment strategy with a Top Down management philosophy.
The strategy is based on two basic principles :
- search of opportunities only in financial markets with high liquidity and transparency characteristics
- every individual position is subject to a maximum exposure limit on the global portfolio and the total market exposure is balanced through cash
THE METHODOLOGY : the Management Team is specialized in the "top down" approach and consistently it applies its own interpretation of the macroeconomic scenario to the financial markets seeking the fundamentals changes with a "global macro" style. The portfolio management also makes use of market timing strategies when the volatility of financial markets suggests trading operations also in a short term perspective. The search of "alfa" through the dynamic undertaking of market risk (beta) represents one of the mission of the Management Team who pursues absolute performance independently of market trends, not having a reference benchmark.
The Management Team is assigned a maximum level of risk (defined as maximum VaR ex ante) and its mandate is to allocate it in a dynamic way in order to maximize the Fund results in terms of performance.

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