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The investment objective of the Sub-Fund is to generate absolute returns without any emphasis on any specific currency, industrial, geographic or market sector. The Investment Manager will in general also use a “value” approach rather than a “growth” approach of investments, but this could change depending on market conditions. The Investment Manager shall manage credit risk through credit analysis and diversification over a broad base of issuers, industries and geographies.



Current NAV  
Base currency USD
Trading and Valuation  
Initial investment USD 1,000
Subsequent investments N/A
ISIN Code  
Bloomberg Ticker  
Strategy North America
Management Fees Up to 1.050% per annum
Performance Fee 15%


Philosophy: The Sub-Fund's investment objective is to generate absolute returns, with no particular focus on specific currencies, industries, geographic regions, or market sectors.

Strategy: The Investment Manager typically adopts a "value" approach rather than a "growth" approach when making investments, although this strategy may be adjusted based on market conditions. Furthermore, credit risk management is implemented through thorough credit analysis and diversification across a wide range of issuers, industries, and geographical locations.




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Class I Cap USD   


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