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Zest PIU33, in an historical moment characterized by absolute uncertainty, comes out as a neutral product born to help fund managers in investments’ instruments diversification, allowing fund managers to fully control and decide the degree of intensity needed.  The sub-fund's net assets will be allocated prevalently in bonds, up to 80% and the remaining part in Options on Futures and on OTC.

fact sheet

Current NAV  
Base currency USD
Trading and Valuation Daily
Initial investment 1.000,00 USD
Subsequent investments N/A
ISIN Code  
Ticker Bloomberg ZESSYRU LX
Strategy Alternative
Management Fees 2.00 %
Performance Fee 20%


The strategy aims to make the sub-fund completely neutral and markets’ decorrelated, allowing the Fund Manager to diversify its investments and to hedge its positions, through a “parachute effect”, within selected asset classes.

The idea has born and had been developed recently, after a ten-year direct experience and related feedbacks from hundreds of players within the asset management industry, banking and other financial institutions realities such as Funds, Fiduciaries, Family Offices etc.


Zest PIU33 Fund applies the synthesis of two delta hedging strategies, one on the SP 500, the other on mayor foreign currencies pairs, such as EUR / USD, GBP / YEN: both strategies completely Neutral.



Asset allocation

Bond rating

Funds Documents

KIID R - CHF     

KIID R - CHF     

KIID R - USD     

Legal documents of the SICAV by registration country