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ZEST Asset Management SICAV is a UCITS V Luxembourg based collective investment scheme launched in 2007.

ZEST SICAV is featured by high value-added niche products, investing into different markets, financial instruments and asset classes, adopting a wide range of investment strategies.  The sub-funds diversification aims to offer returns in line with different clients’ risk appetite, geographical and sectorial preferences.

Management Company: Fund Partner Solutions SA (Pictet Group), Luxembourg.

Investment Manager: LFG+ZEST SA

Banca Custode e Amministratore: Pictet & Cie (Europe) SA, Luxembourg.

Società di revisione: KPMG Luxembourg Société Coopéerative.

The Investment Manager, LFG+ZEST SA, counts on a first class team of portfolio managers and financial analysts, driven by a multidisciplinary approach, based on macroeconomic analysis, fundamental research and quantitative models.