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Zest Dynamic Opportunities investment strategy is driven by a rigorous study of the macro-economics, market regimes and investors positioning. The final aim is to build a global bond portfolio relatively well diversified and well balanced against different market regimes. The fund encompasses a strategy based on three main drivers: capital growth, carry and risk mitigation strategies.


Zest Global Bonds fund has been designed for the investor who is looking for a straight Corporate Bond fund. The fund’s mission is to achieve a positive return to within a limited volatility framework; Zest Global Bond fund invests primarily in Euro denominated bonds, mostly issued by listed corporations with a duration between 3 and 5 years.


Global Special Situations fund has been designed for the investors looking for a straight Corporate Bond fund with the mission to achieve a positive return, maintaining volatility under control; the fund invests mainly in USD denominated corporate bonds with the intention of maintaining a weighted average credit quality of BB by S&P.


Zest Flexible Bond has been designed for the investor looking for a Corporate Bond Fund with a focus on European and developed markets financial institutions. The fund’s mission is to maximize capital growth, generating an attractive total return while maintaining a balanced risk/reward profile generally associated with investments in credit markets. The Fund will invest in debt and money market instruments denominated in any currencies and issued by issuers with an Investment Grade rating by S&P or equivalent by another main rating agency. To achieve its purpose, the Fund may also invest into Contingent Convertible Bonds a maximum 30% of its net assets.