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Zest Global Opportunities combines a dynamic and flexible asset allocation with a top-down one, more stable and index-related. The Fund is focused on the most promising sectors, looking for quality companies with high returns on the capital invested and growing revenues. Moreover, it aims to invest in leader companies within their respective sectors and in innovating firms with still intact growth potentials.

The Zest Global Opportunities is managed by Marco Simion.

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Current NAV  
Base currency EUR
Trading and Valuation Daily
Initial investment 250.000 EUR
Subsequent investments 1 EUR
ISIN Code  
Bloomberg Ticker ZENITFI LX
Strategy Global Flexible Balanced
Management Fees 0.95 %
Performance Fee 10%
Annual performances 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011
ZEST GLOBAL OPPORTUNITIES 10,25% -6,64% 23,16% 9,38% -17,96%
2010 2009 2008 2007 2006
24,17% 24,70% -30,66% -2,50% 9,25%
  2005  2004 2003 2002
  19,58% 8,69% 17,41% -8,13%


Zest Global Opportunities is a global flexible balanced fund

The goal is to achieve excellent performance that is not linked to a pre-established market or a chosen benchmark. We invest in macro-trends (sectorial or geographical) looking for those companies able to "create value" and/or in bonds that can generate an above-average return, considering their rating and duration and comparing them with the Equity Risk Premium of the market.


The fund combines a top-down approach, more linked to indices, with a bottom-up type, where management is not linked to a particular style (Value or Growth), adapts to the different phases of the economic cycle

Stock-picking is oriented towards quality companies, with a high return on invested capital and growing revenues. Innovative companies, leaders in their sectors, or in which leadership can be identified. After verification of the fundamentals, company visits, and meetings with top management, the entry point is perfected using technical analysis.



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