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A dynamic and flexible asset allocation that invests in quality companies, with a high Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) and growing Margins. Innovative companies in their sectors or where leadership can be recognized.

The Zest Global Opportunities is managed by Marco Simion.



The links to the classes listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange:

Class I Class P







Base currency EUR
Trading and Valuation Daily
Initial investment 5.000 EUR
Subsequent investments 1 EUR
ISIN Code LU0280698043
Bloomberg Ticker ZENITF LX
Strategy Global Flexible Balanced
Management Fees 1.15 %
Marketing Fee 0.85%
Performance Fee 20%

The scope is to invest in global markets by seeking innovative and quality companies with a dynamic approach.

  • Innovative and leading companies, where the growth trend is still present.
  • Quality companies with a high return on investment (ROIC), strong profit growth (EPS growth), and margin growth (PM).

Quantitative screening is added to the decision-making process to find compelling ideas and compare companies with the universe of all other companies

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Legal documents of the SICAV by registration country