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Zest Flexible Bond has been designed for the investor looking for a Corporate Bond Fund with a focus on European and developed markets financial institutions. The fund’s mission is to maximize capital growth, generating an attractive total return while maintaining a balanced risk/reward profile generally associated with investments in credit markets. The Fund will invest in debt and money market instruments denominated in any currencies and issued by issuers with an Investment Grade rating or equivalent by the main rating agencies. To achieve its purpose, the Fund may also invest in Contingent Convertible Bonds a maximum 40% of its net assets.

fact sheet

Current NAV  
Base currency EUR
Trading and Valuation Giornaliera
Initial investment 50.000,00 EUR
Subsequent investments 50.000,00 EUR
ISIN Code  
Ticker Bloomberg ZESTICE LX
Strategy Global Macro
Management Fees 1.20 %
Performance Fee -

THE FUND: Zest Flexible Bond is a Corporate Bond fund, denominated in Euro, set up accordingly to UCITS rules and adopting a Bottom-Up Investment strategy.

THE STRATEGY: Zest Flexible Bond adopts a strategy that encompass investments into different kind of debt instruments, such as money market instrument with at least a P3/A3 short term rating and Contingent Convertible Bonds (maximum 40% of its Net Assets) rated at least B-/B3 and issued by banking institutions located in OECD countries. The Contingent Convertible Bonds in the portfolio will have mechanical trigger which may result in a mix of reduction in value of the instrument or suspension of the coupon payment. Debt instruments will be mainly focused on securities issued by European and North American Issuers. Direct investments in the Chinese market of A-Shares, in the Indian Market of P-Notes and in Russia, are excluded from the selection process

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Class Institutional Cap EUR 

Class Retail Cap EUR 


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