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Zest Global Opportunities combines a dynamic and flexible asset allocation with a more stable and index-related top-down type. It focuses on the most promising sectors looking for quality companies with a high return on invested capital and growing turnover. Moreover, it invests in leading companies in their respective sectors or in innovative companies with a growth trend that is still intact.


Zest Amelanchier Fund is a flexible global balanced fund denominated in Euro which aims to achieve a net yield of 5% per annum in the medium/long term without any benchmark reference. The fund invests mainly, but not exclusively, in main developed markets with particular focus on US and EU countries. An essential feature of the fund is the high degree of flexibility in allocating its investments into different asset classes (cash, fixed income, equity) adjusting and modifying the related weights based on specific risks/opportunities’ assessments, on macroeconomic analysis and on global political and social changes.