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Zest Absolute Return VaR4 is a Global Macro Top Down discretionary strategy; this approach allocates investments among different asset classes (bonds, equity, commodities) long or short, with the ultimate goal of generating absolute returns, decorrelated from financial markets, constantly monitoring volatility through a careful risk monitoring process. Absolute Return Low VaR aims to achieve a return higher than the Euribor plus 1,5% per year.

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Current NAV  
Base currency EUR
Trading and Valuation Daily
Initial investment 2.500,00 EUR
Subsequent investments 500,00 EUR
ISIN Code  
Bloomberg Ticker ZESTLOV LX
Strategy Global Macro
Management Fees 1.20 %
Performance Fee 10%
FUND: Zest Absolute Return Low VaR Fund is a flexible fund, set up according to UCITS V rules, which applies a Global Macro investment strategy with a top-down management philosophy. The Fund selects investment opportunities in global equity, bond, gold and currency markets.

STRATEGY: strategy is based on top-down multi-input analysis (forward thinking and idea generation; identifying next macro themes to impact financial markets; economic data analysis and comparison with market expectations; evaluation of political/social environment), followed by portfolio allocation by indentifying the preferred investment markets, selecting the most efficient instruments; position sizing by evaluating VaR impact, max loss and/or profit target impact at portfolio level. Enhancement is provided by tactical portfolio management, by optimization of risk allocation and market timing indicators.

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