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Zest Amelanchier Fund is a flexible global balanced fund denominated in Euro which aims to achieve a net yield of 5% per annum in the medium/long term without any benchmark reference. The fund invests mainly, but not exclusively, in main developed markets with particular focus on US and EU countries. An essential feature of the fund is the high degree of flexibility in allocating its investments into different asset classes (cash, fixed income, equity) adjusting and modifying the related weights based on specific risks/opportunities’ assessments, on macroeconomic analysis and on global political and social changes.

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THE FUND: ZEST AMELANCHIER Fund is a flexible global balanced fund denominated in Euro, set up according to UCITS V rules, which prevalently adopts a bottom-up approach.

STRATEGY: It is part of the Fund’s strategy shorting Put and Call options to optimize the overall returns, while is excluded the adoption of options-based strategies, which would entail leverage. Furthermore, the Fund may invest a minor portion of its assets in structured products tied to Indices and Shares, with the goal of protecting part of the Equity exposure in case of market corrections. Technical analysis on the other hand is adopted to support and maximize timing accuracy.

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